Cochiti Pueblo in New Mexico 

The Cochiti Pueblo Indian Reservation is 55 Miles north of Albuquerque and is home to the Pueblo Indians. After the Army Corps of Engineers flooded most of their reservation in an effort to control downstream flooding in Albuquerque, they had to move to higher grounds where the water table was too low to provide adequate water.

The scope of our project here is to teach the Pueblo Indians how to build inexpensive solar panels, wire them to DC water pumps (provided by SunPumps) so that they can pump water up to their village. This much needed water will provide irrigation to expand their crops, grow alfalfa to feed horses and fill water tanks allowing them to be more self-sufficient and provide a better quality of life.

More information:
Pueblo Cochiti Website: http://www.pueblodecochiti.org/ 
Wikipedia Info: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cochiti,_New_Mexico
SunPumps, Inc (providing submersible water pumps) www.sunpumps.com

Dates of the trip: November 3-6th, 2009

Status: Successful Trip!