We teach those without electricity
how to create free energy from solar power.

SolarGoodWill.org is a Not for Profit* group that travels to and teaches remote villages in third world countries and Indian Reservations in the USA how to build solar panels and create their own electricity.

Brian Clark of Boulder, Colorado provides onsite training and free educational materials so that group leaders learn how to collect materials, build and maintain solar panels and in turn show other members of their community the same. This assures that this knowledge will be carried on for generations to come. We give the knowledge of solar power to change lives forever.

Current Trip:


Our next SolarGoodWill.org trip will be to Goroka, Papua New Guinea in Asia. The workshop runs from January 17th to the 28th, 2011.  Get more Details Here.


Previous Trips:


Dates of Trip: October 2008
Status: Completed!

Brian Clark traveled to the town of Potogalpa in Nicaragua where for 3 months he trained how to create solar power for local schools. This provides electricity to the schools so children can meet and learn after the sun sets and provides power to learning devices such as TV’s and DVD players.

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Cochiti Pueblo in New Mexico

Dates of Trip: November 2009
Status: Completed!

Located 55 Miles north of Albuquerque the Cochiti Pueblo Indian Reservation is in need of clean water for crops and other living necessities.  By providing solar energy, remote pumps can be used to deliver this much needed water to the Pueblo Indians.  Brian will be teaching the tribe leaders how to build inexpensive solar panels and wire to DC water pumps donated by SunPumps.

More Details Here
PineRidge, Indian Reservation South Dakota

Dates of Trip: October 2009
Status: Completed!

The Pine Ridge Indian Reservation is situated in Shannon & Jackson Counties which is said to be two of the poorest counties in the United States. With the unemployment rate over 80%, poverty is widespread and the need for cheap or free electricity is high. Many of the homes in this Indian Reservation don’t have reliable electricity and solar power will provide a safer and more stable lifestyle for those in need.

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Uganda, Africa

Dates of Trip: December 2009

Our first overseas trip was to the city of Mbale, Uganda where many of the homes are without electricity.

SolarGoodWill.org is working with Mt. Elgon Self-Help Community http://www.elgonproject.org/ which supports orphans and other at vulnerable children in Uganda.

This 3 week trip focused on teaching locals to create their own solar panels for individual homes and families with children.  

More Details Here 
Future Trips:


Where Next?

Do you have suggestions on where we can help next? If you know where we can help and make a difference using our solar knowledge, let us know. In addition to taking physical trips around the world, we can also provide free educational material to schools and other non-profit organizations. Let us know your ideas. 



*NOTE: at this time, donations made are not tax deductable. Application for Charitable§ 501(c)(3) is under review but we don’t expect this process to be completed anytime soon.  

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Our Mission:  

Most people take electricity for granted, but there are thousands of poor and remote villages around the world that either don’t have electricity or only have a very limited supply of it. By providing safe and clean solar panel power, we are giving the poorest people in the world the power to change their lives forever.  

Many villages around the world use fire to heat & cook and dangerous kerosene lamps to provide light. Both fire and kerosene lamps are responsible for thousands of unnecessary deaths and injuries each year. By having the ability to build solar panels and create clean solar power families all around the world can live a safer and better quality of life.
In many remote villages, children must work during the day to provide food and shelter and so solar power often times provides the only source of light at the end of the day so that these children can learn in schools that can now stay open after the sun sets. Solar energy also helps provide power to radios and computers which give children with better education.  
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